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Why not book a pre and post-season check up, and make sure that any underlying imbalances in muscle tone from your training aren't making you more prone to future injury? Call 01823 259 813

More and more coaches, teams, and medical doctors are realizing that pain management and medications are not the answer. Pain medication only covers up the symptoms; misleading athletes into thinking they can perform actions that could make their injury worse.


By promoting a proactive, preventive strategy, chiropractors and acupuncturists help athletes decrease the likelihood of injury and maximize athletic performance.




  • Hamstring tears and neck pain from rugby

  • Lower back pain from golf and cricket

  • Shoulder problems from tennis

  • Achilles and calf strains from running

  • Pelvic twists and sprains from horse riding

  • Knee pain from football

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Many athletes in professional sports today sit on the sidelines with injuries that could have been prevented. Others stay on the bench because their particular injury does not respond to other standard treatments.


And even more are playing, but at less than optimal performance, simply because their musculoskeletal system is not in balance.

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Commonly  Acupuncturists see:

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